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Watering From Eyes/Epiphora Treatment In Hyderabad

Watering From Eyes/epiphora Treatment in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Epiphora is also called as watery eyes, is a condition characterised by too much of tearing of the eye and continual flow of tears onto the face.

Epiphora can be serious issue. Many patients suffering with the condition say that it looks as if they are continually crying. Nonstop overflow of the tears onto the face can lead to irritation and even breakdown of the eyelid skin. Moreover, tearing can likewise cause distortion of the vision, generally making driving tough and, even risky. It can moreover have a mental effect, making individuals self-conscious in public and at work.

What are the symptoms of epiphora?

Epiphora can make your eyes watery slightly, or excessively with a consistent stream of tears. You may likewise encounter different symptoms in your eyes, like:

What are the Causes?

Epiphora is because of a disruption in the balance between tear production and tear drainage. Common reasons include:

Overproduction of Tears

Insufficient tear drainage

What are the Causes?

Your ENT doctor in Kukatpally, Dr. Gouda Ramesh performs out an eye examination to decide the reason. If you are taking any meds or have suffered eye injuries or issues before, inform your best epiphora doctor in Madhapur.

Depending on the initial diagnosis, Dr. Gouda Ramesh might suggest the following treatment:

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