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Tracheostomy Surgery In Hyderabad

Tracheostomy Surgery in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Tracheostomy in Hyderabad is an opening made at the front of the neck so a tube can be placed into the windpipe to assist your breathing.

A tracheotomy is most commonly done in an operating room with general sedation, which makes you unaware about the surgery. A local anesthetic to numb the neck and throat is utilized if the specialist is worried over the airway being compromised from general sedation or on the other hand if the procedure is being done in a hospital room rather than operating room. Dr. Gouda Ramesh is well experienced in ENT treatment in Madhapur.

The type of procedure you go through relies upon why you need a tracheostomy and whether the procedure was planned. There are two choices:

For both the procedures, the specialist places a tracheostomy tube into the hole. A neck strap connected to the face plate of the tube holds it back from slipping out of the hole and impermanent stitches can be utilized to secure the faceplate to the skin of your neck.

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