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Welcome to Gouda ENT Hospital, the Best ENT Services. Book Appointment | Now we are available in Y-Junction Kukatpally and Chandanagar, Hyderabad.

About Hospital

Dr. Gouda Ramesh is a seasoned ENT surgeon in Hyderabad with more than 18 years of experience. He is an expert in performing complex ENT surgeries and adept in coblator assisted adeo- tonsillectomy, endoscopic laser tympano-mastoidectomy, micro-debrider assisted sinus surgeries (FESS), radiofrequency, laser micro-laryngeal surgeries, and thyroid surgeries, bronchoscopy. He has successfully performed more than 10000 surgeries and treated more than 200000 patient. Best ENT Hospital at Kukatpally-Y’ Junction/ Moosapet.


Our ENT sanitarium envisions a world where every observance, nose, and throat disease finds expert mending and compassionate support.


To provide high quality  ENT treatment @affordable cost


Quality - employ high standard treatment approaches which are latest and yield safe and effective outcomes Empathy - Understand the need for a fast and the best treatment Integrity - maintain high moral principles and professional standards

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