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Vasomotor (Nonallergic) Rhinitis Treatment In Hyderabad

Watering from Nose (Nonallergic) Rhinitis Treatment in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Nonallergic rhinitis includes chronic sneezing, congested nose with no clear reason. It can influence kids and adults. But, it’s more common after age 20.

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What are the symptoms?

If you have nonallergic rhinitis, you most likely have symptoms that come and go throughout the year. Signs and symptoms could include:

Nonallergic rhinitis does not usually lead to itchy nose, eyes or throat or other symptoms related with allergies like hay fever.

Reasons for non-allergic rhinitis

The common reasons include:


The infection that causes viral rhinitis generally disappears on its own, without requiring clinical treatment. Nasal decongestants might assist by decreasing swelling and a blocked nose.

An individual with vasomotor rhinitis ought to avoid exposure from environmental triggers that are causing it. Corticosteroid nasal sprays might assist with decreasing inflammation and congestion.

If the patient doesn’t respond to the treatment, the doctor might try:

When to see a doctor

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