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Nose Foreign Bodies Treatment In Hyderabad

Nose Foreign Bodies Treatment in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Nasal foreign bodies are found infrequently in small kids or mentally impaired patients.

Get the nose foreign body removal treatment in Hyderabad from Dr. Gouda Ramesh

What are the common items that end up in kid's nose?

They could include:

What are the indications of a foreign body in the nose?

You might suspect that your kid has placed something in their nose, yet can’t see it when you look into their nose. Foreign objects in the nose might cause different signs.

Nasal drainage

Foreign body in the nostril will lead to nasal drainage. This drainage might be clear, grey, or bloody. Nasal drainage with a bad odour might be an indication of an infection.

Difficulty in Breathing

Your kid might experience issues breathing through the impacted nostril. This happens when the article obstructs the nostril, making it hard for air to move through the nasal passage.

Your kid might make whistling noises while breathing through their nose. A stuck object could cause this noise.

Diagnosing a foreign body in the nose

Schedule an appointment with ENT specialist if you suspect your kid has something in their nose but you can’t see it. At the appointment, the specialist will ask your child to lay back while they investigate your kid’s nose with a hand-held lit instrument.

Your child’s doctor might swab nasal discharge and have it tested for the presence of bacteria.

How to prevent your child from putting foreign objects in their nose?

Indeed, even with careful supervision, it may be hard to keep your kid from placing foreign objects in their nose, ears, or mouth. Some of the time kids will misbehave for attention. Hence, for this reason never yell at your child when you find them placing things in their nose.

Gently explain your kid how noses function, and why it’s a bad idea to place things in their nose. Have this discussion each time you find your kid attempting to place things in their nose.

How to eliminate the object?

Avoid panicking if you find an item in your kid’s nose. Your kid might start to panic if they see you panicking.

The main treatment for this condition is to eliminate the foreign object from the nostril. At times, blowing the nose tenderly might be all that is important to treat this condition. Here are a few ways to eliminate the object:

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