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Tongue-Tie Surgery In Hyderabad

Tongue Tie Surgery Specialist in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Tongue-tie is also called ankyloglossia — is a condition in which an individual’s tongue remains attached to the floor of their mouth. This happens when the lingual frenulum (a thin strip of tissue interfacing your tongue and the floor of your mouth) is more limited than usual. A short frenulum can limit your tongue’s movement. It is more common in new-borns and young kids but even adults have it.

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What are the causes of tongue-tie?

There are two primary causes of tongue-tie; either the frenum is excessively short and tight, or it didn’t move back down the tongue during development and is as yet connected to the tongue tip.

Many adults and kids won’t have issues regardless of having a short, tight lingual frenum.

What are the signs of tongue-tie?

The indications of tongue-tie can include:

Signs that a child could be tongue-tied include:

The mother might notice that the baby:

Treatment for tongue-tie

If you are experiencing issues with breastfeeding or think your child has a tongue-tie, contact your doctor or lactation expert. They will actually carry out an assessment and refer you for treatment.

What happens if the tongue-tie is not treated?

Left untreated, moderate to severe cases of tongue-tie can cause problems including:

Can I prevent tongue-tie?

Since people are born with tongue-tie, there’s no way to prevent it. For more severe cases of tongue-tie, early diagnosis and treatment are key to a successful recovery.

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