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Otosclerosis Treatment In Hyderabad

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Otosclerosis is believed to be a hereditary medical condition caused by abnormal bone remodelling in the middle ear where bone tissue renews as a lifelong process by replacing old tissue with new. This abnormal remodelling disrupts the transmission of sounds from the middle ear to the inner ear. Usually, this condition appears in individuals aged between 15 and 50 years.

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This condition is caused when the bone named Stapes becomes stuck in the middle ear leading to impairing hearing issues.


Symptoms indicating this condition are:

Hearing aids are being provided for mild otosclerosis to amplify sounds although it is believed that these supportive devices can only cure partial deafness. Otherwise, a surgery known as a stapedectomy is required to solve serious conditions where the surgeon inserts a prosthetic device into the middle ear to create an alternative channel to permit sound waves to the inner ear and restore hearing. Consult Best ent specialist in Kukatpally

Surgical procedure

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