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Ear Wax (Keratosis Obturans) Treatment In Hyderabad

Best Doctors For Ear Wax (Keratosis Obturans) Treatment in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Earwax blockage happens when earwax builds up in your ear or turns out to be excessively difficult to wash away naturally. Earwax is a useful and natural part of your body’s defences. It cleans, coats and protects your ear canal by trapping dirt and easing back the growth of bacteria.

If earwax blockage turns into an issue, your doctor at ENT hospitals in Kondapur can take simple ways to securely eliminate the wax. Consult Dr. Gouda Ramesh for ear wax removal treatment in Hyderabad

What are the symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of earwax blockage might include:

What are the Causes?

What happens if affected earwax is not eliminated?

If left untreated, excessive earwax might make earwax impaction symptoms to deteriorate. These symptoms could include hearing loss, ear disturbance, tinnitus and different issues. A build-up of earwax could likewise make it hard to see into your ear, which might result in potential issues going undiagnosed.

How to remove earwax buildup?

Don’t stick anything into your ears to clean them. If you use cotton swabs, you ought to just utilize them on the external part of your ear. If your doctor needs to eliminate earwax from your ears more than once a year, ask them what they recommend to prevent earwax from build-up.

When to see a specialist

Earwax blockage that has no symptoms can in some cases clear on its own. If you have signs and symptoms of earwax blockage, converse with your doctor.

Wax removal is most safely done by a ENT doctor. Your ear canal and eardrum are delicate and can be harmed easily. Try not to attempt to eliminate earwax yourself by placing anything in your ear canal, like cotton swab particularly if you have had ear surgery, have a hole in your eardrum, or are having ear pain or drainage.

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