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Cervical Lymph Node Biopsies

Cervical Lymph Node/Neck Swelling Surgery in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Nearly 600 to 700 lymph nodes are scattered throughout the body, cervical lymph nodes are located in the neck region of the body. The lymph nodes help the body recognize and fight off the infection and destroy abnormal cells. Usually, minor infections and insect bites cause lymph to swell and may require medical attention when remaining swollen and larger beneath your skin.

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Lymph node biopsy

Lymph node biopsy is performed by ENT surgeon in Kukatpally to detect disease in the lymph nodes. These oval-shaped organs are found close to organs like the stomach, intestines, lungs, armpits, groins, and neck.

Type of Lymph Node Biopsies

Biopsies are performed under observation with necessary facilities. Here the doctor removes a sample lymph node from the swollen one and sends it to a pathologist for further examination.

The different types of biopsies are needle biopsy, open biopsy, and sentinel biopsy.

Needle biopsy

Needle biopsy, which takes 10 to 15 mins is done using a fine needle. The doctor begins the procedure by sterilizing the biopsy site and applying medication to numb the area. Then the needle is inserted into the swollen lymph node to take a sample cell and then a bandage is put on the area.

Open biopsy

Open biopsy, which is performed under local anesthesia where a portion of the lymph or the entire lymph node is removed by making a small cut. Then the biopsy site is closed using a stitch and a bandage is applied.

Sentinel biopsy

Sentinel biopsy is suggested to determine whether your cancer is spreading to other parts of your body. Here the doctor will inject a blue dye, known as a tracer near the cancer site. This dye moves to the sentinel nodes into which a tumor drains. Then the lymph node is removed and sent for further inspection.

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