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Vertigo Treatment In Hyderabad

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Constant ringing sound in the ear is known as tinnitus which is caused by external sound and is usually not considered a serious condition. Other sounds accompanying tinnitus are buzzing, roaring, hissing, and humming sounds mostly occurring in both ears. Conditions where a rhythmic pulsing sound is heard with a heartbeat, are known as pulsatile tinnitus.

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Common symptoms include:


Other causes for the tinnitus conditions are:

There are some commons tests done to identify the condition:


Tinnitus can be cured with medications or removal of excess earwax in the ear or addressing the blood vessel issues.

How to prevent tinnitus?

Protecting your hearing is one of the best ways to avoid tinnitus. Begin protecting your ears by thinking all your regular activities. You may not realise all the ways you expose your ears to loud noises and sounds. Here are some of the activities that might influence your hearing:

When to see a doctor

Some individuals aren’t very bothered by tinnitus. For others, tinnitus upsets their day to day lives. If you have tinnitus that bothers you, see your doctor.

Make an appointment to see your doctor if:

You develop tinnitus after an upper respiratory infection, like a cold, and your tinnitus doesn’t improve within a week.

See your doctor as soon as possible if:

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