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Deviated Nasal Septum Treatment In Hyderabad

Deviated Nasal Septum Treatment in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Nasal septum is the cartilage and bone in your nose. The septum makes a division in the nasal cavity (inside your nose) into a right and left side. At the point when the septum is off-center or inclines aside of the nasal cavity, it has “deviated.” Nasal infection doctor call this a deviated nasal septum.

What causes a deviated septum?

An injury to the nose can lead to a deviated septum. Nasal injuries might happen due to:

A deviated septum also be congenital, or present at birth which could be due to a difficult birth or connective tissue disease.

It might likewise be a consequence of normal development. As the nose develops, the septum likewise grows and can some of the time grow towards one side. This is normally the most common cause to have a deviated septum.

What are the symptoms of a deviated septum?

Individuals with a severely deviated septum might have a change of the shape of their nose.

Other deviated septum symptoms include:

What are the Risk factors?

For certain individuals, a deviated septum is present at birth that occurs during fetal developmental or because of injury during childbirth. After birth, a deviated septum is most usually brought about by an injury that moves your nasal septum out of place.

Risk factors include

How is deviated septum treated?

For most cases, treatment isn’t required. For a severely deviated septum, surgery is the common treatment choice. Because of the expenses, risks, or different factors, certain individuals with a deviated septum decide not to go through a surgery. Other treatment choices are available. They don’t resolve a deviated septum; however, they can decrease the symptoms.

To assist with symptoms, treatment focuses to correct that issue. The common treatments for symptoms include:


If your symptoms don’t improve with meds or other treatment options, your ENT doctor in KukatpallyDr. Gouda Ramesh might recommend a reconstructive surgery called septoplasty.

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