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Parotid Treatment In Hyderabad

Parotid Gland Treatment in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Parotidectomy is a medical procedure to eliminate all or part of a major salivary gland in your cheek called your parotid gland. You might require this surgery if a tumor forms in your parotid gland. Most tumors are harmless (noncancerous), however they can be cancerous (malignant).

When is a parotidectomy needed?

You might require a parotidectomy if a tumor has formed in your parotid gland. Generally, these tumors are benign (noncancerous), yet malignant tumors may likewise develop. The two types need to be eliminated.

You may likewise require a parotidectomy if you have an infection in your parotid glands or on the other hand if you have salivary gland stones.

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Located between the jaw and ear, the Parotid gland is responsible for crucial functions like forming lubrication for the mouth which protects from tooth decay, assisting in chewing, swallowing, and digesting food, and also prevents mouth and throat cancer. When this gland stops working, causes a host of problems like Sialadenitis, Sialolithiasis, and Parotitis.

Sialadenitis is a condition when salivary flow is decreased due to viral or bacterial infection, and are common in highly dehydrated people. Staph and strep bacteria are highly responsible for this infection.


Sialolithiasis is when obstruction occurs due to small particles like stones getting lodged in the salivary duct that partially or completely stops the salivary flow in the mouth.

Parotitis is a swollen parotid gland that is caused due to viral or bacterial infections, and dental problems. The viruses that cause parotid gland swelling are MuV, herpes, HIV, Covid-19 and Epstein-Barr.



Parotid gland tumors

The Growth of tumors in the lobe of the parotid gland causes swelling in the face and jaw, which further leads to numbness and loss of facial movement.

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